How We Work

Seftcorp Law is a boutique corporate and commercial practice established in 2015, with a particular focus on:

  • Professionalism – We maintain the highest standards of professional conduct in the practice of law at all time.
  • Commercial Awareness – We take the time to understand your commercial ‘drivers’ and the commercial framework for the work at hand, applying the broad commercial experience of the principal of Seftcorp Law, Grant Sefton. We aim to ensure our work for you is thoroughly consistent with those drivers and that framework.
  • Flexibility – We realise that all businesses are different and that you require a unique solution to your legal problems. We ensure that we adopt a flexible approach, so that our solutions fit your circumstances.
  • Accessibility – We understand that business issues often require prompt and decisive support from legal advisers. We are committed to always being accessible. We have invested in the latest technology to ensure that accessibility is maintained to the highest standards at all time and under all circumstances.
  • Openness – We welcome and encourage an open and regular dialogue with you on all aspects of the professional relationship, including discussion on professional fees, scope of work and quality of our service.
  • Responsiveness – Being a boutique practice, we have no need to adopt a rigid approach to the way we provide our services. We welcome discussion with you on more innovative ways in which we provide our services and charge for our professional time. We also understand that sometimes circumstances can change quickly within your organisation, and our professional services need to be responsive to those changes. We are happy to have meetings with you at your place of business or to travel to other locations, and we do not charge our full professional rates for travel time.
  • Co-operation – We understand that you may retain other professionals to assist your business and, when appropriate, we will work closely with those professionals to ensure there is a coordinated solution to your legal and other requirements. In circumstances where the work is referred to us by another professional, we understand the importance of recognising how we fit in to the picture when we are advising your clients. We seek to work with you.
  • Value-adding – We look for innovative ways in which we can add value to your business, such as passing on information that we consider may be of interest to you, or introducing you (if you wish) to people who we consider may be able to add further value to your business.

If you have any queries on how we work, please do not hesitate to contact our principal, Grant Sefton.